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Detour from Normal

Since its release, over 100,000 copies of Detour from Normal have made it into readers hands in twenty countries. Rated 4.3 stars overall on Amazon, Detour from Normal is the shocking true story of how our flawed medical and mental health systems rob Ken Dickson of his life as a respected engineer and devoted family man by sending him spiraling into madness. More than just a real-life recounting of the pitfalls of our medical and mental health systems, Detour from Normal is the story of two people deeply in love, but torn apart by fate, an eye-opening introduction to the stigma of mental illness, and a personal run-in with the poor broken souls trapped in our mental health system. It is a rich and varied exploration of our humanity written from the unique perspective of someone suffering from mental illness.

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Praise for Detour from Normal

“Detour from Normal by Ken Dickson should be required reading for all medical students, law students, and police academies and anyone who might come into contact with the mentally ill.” “This compelling, well-written story needs to be made into a movie.” ~Cindy Stormer, former Assistant District Attorney of Dallas, Texas (2008-2015), and author of “BrainStormer.”

“Let Ken’s story change your ideas about sickness and health. Let him teach you about human potential, about seeing beyond the small socially acceptable window of experience, about spirituality, about the mind, about the tragic way labels ruin relationships, and about what can happen to any of us, anytime now, because this is how things are.” ~Vironika Tugaleva, Toronto, Canada, Award-winning author of The Love Mindset


The Road to Amistad

Despite no history of mental illness, an unexpected surgery propels Ken Dickson into a psych ward. While there, he experiences a dramatic change that leaves him in a heightened state of consciousness. As he marvels at his new mindset, he wonders: could this be contagious?

Forced by court order to take medication, Ken soon returns to normal life and dismisses his former psychological state as delusion. Imagine his surprise when people around him begin to change in the contagious fashion that he once imagined.

The mysterious change leads to heartache and confusion for many, but for some, it is their calling. Drawn to each other, they unite with Ken to nurture and spread their gift for the benefit of humanity.

Initially, their plans proceed uncannily well; however, their noble dreams soon turn into nightmares as they find themselves fighting for their lives against a world that is not quite ready for them. Will they survive and what will become of their gift?

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Praise for The Road to Amistad

“An exuberant-but-grounded glimpse into mankind’s possible future.” ~Daniel B. Lyle, PhD

“Well and cleverly written, a fascinating, engaging story with characters you want to get to know!”                     ~Laura Di Franco, MPT

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Aim for Justice

Misdiagnosis and inept medical treatment forced Ken Dickson to lose both his sanity and his Second Amendment Right to Bear Arms. Ken is one of a very few Americans in history to lose his Right to Bear Arms because of mental illness and successfully fight for its reinstatement. Join him on the convoluted path to losing his right and his struggle to regain it, and share the pride of a true patriot.