Published Works of Ken Dickson

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Detour from Normal

This harrowing memoir tells the true story of a beloved family man and respected engineer, who undergoes a life-saving surgery, reacts to medication and improper treatment, and lands in a high-security psychiatric ward. There, psychiatrists pronounce him persistently and acutely disabled and a danger to himself and others. What will happen to him and will he ever regain his former life?

Praise for Detour from Normal

“A massive amount of emotion rolled into a page-turner.”
“An enlightening and dare I say frightening glimpse into the world of mental health care.”
“This is a story you will want to share with the people you know and love.”
“Scary, life-changing and inspiring!”
“Powerful and gripping.”
“A psychological thriller, medical mystery, and compelling drama—made all the more vivid because it actually happened.”

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The Road to Amistad: Sometimes It Takes Losing Everything to Find Yourself

When Ken Dickson unexpectedly acquires superhuman abilities, he wonders if his condition is contagious. Inspired, he devises a plan to hasten its spread and usher in a new age. Unfortunately, he can accomplish little while confined to a psych ward.

After recovering from mania, Ken casts his former delusions aside and moves on — until people around him begin to transform. Ignoring his wife’s protests, he abandons his career and joins them to supercharge humanity’s future.

Across town, Willie Lemm is content with his life of crime until he reads a scathing tabloid article about Ken and his crew of misfits. The story ignites a fire within him that will not extinguish until he eradicates the unnatural freaks.

As Willie strikes, Ken’s world, including his marriage, comes crashing down. Nevertheless, Life still has big plans for him and his sidekicks—if only they heed its subtle messages.

The Road to Amistad’s rich blend of autobiographical fact, psychological theory, and credible fiction will open your heart and mind to the infinite capacity that we each possess and make you long for a future that is well within our grasp.

Praise for The Road to Amistad

“Absolutely audacious and wonderfully wild, sure to catch even the most fantastic of imaginations off guard.”
“A roller coaster of hope and despair.”
“Well and cleverly written, a fascinating, engaging story with characters you want to get to know!”
“An exuberant-but-grounded glimpse into mankind’s possible future.”

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Aim for Justice

In this fast-paced, emotionally taut, and inspiring true story, the author relates his struggles after an unplanned surgery and inexcusable treatment by the medical and mental health systems land him in a high-security psych ward, stripped of his right to bear arms.

Despite his traumatic ordeal, he fights back to normalcy and then takes aim at the impossible: restoring his Second Amendment right and clearing his mental health record.

While illustrating the tenacity and resilience of the human spirit, Aim for Justice reminds us that we cannot take our rights for granted—we must be ever vigilant of the forces in our society and the world that seek to erode our freedom.

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