Since its release, nearly 50,000 copies of Detour from Normal have made it into readers hands in nineteen countries. Rated 4.5 stars overall on Amazon, Detour from Normal is the shocking true story of how our flawed medical and mental health systems rob Ken Dickson of his life as a respected engineer and devoted family man by sending him spiraling into madness. More that just a real-life recounting of the pitfalls of our medical and mental health systems, Detour from Normal is the story of two people deeply in love, but torn apart by fate, an eye-opening introduction to the stigma of mental illness, and a personal run-in with the poor broken souls trapped in our mental health system. It is a rich and varied exploration of our humanity written from the unique perspective of someone suffering from mental illness.

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A mysterious change catapults people from all walks of life into a new level of human consciousness. For most, it leads to confusion, but for some, it is their calling. The Road to Amistad is the story of an unlikely leader and a uniquely qualified psychologist who join forces with these individuals in order to better understand and advance the change for the benefit of all of humanity. Filled with courage, heartbreak and redemption, their journey down the road to Amistad proves to be far different than they ever imagined.

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